“I am dealing with Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Mohamed since 2014. When I first came in, I had weak muscles, bad posture, and stiffness almost all over my body. I didn't want to use painkillers or any type of pills unless it is really very necessary.

 They have welcomed this in me and started fixing each weakness in a professional manner. I started feeling better after a few sessions. It had a physical and mental impact on my life. My journey started with physiotherapy, strengthening, doing exercises on a regular basis and lifestyle change. Last year, I have taken this journey to another level where I started to participate and compete in different kinds of races/events. With the help and guidance of the doctors, I was able to accomplish many of my personal goals and dream about bigger ones. From time to time, whenever I have a pain or feel that I need to be fixed, it will be always my first place to visit. This applies to me and my family “

Mohamed Y.


“ My initial problem was low back pain and a very stiff neck. It was severe enough to prevent me from doing my passion (racing motorcycles) as well as disrupted my quality of life whether it be sleep, flexibility, mobility, and others. 


Your sessions helped me understand the root cause of my problem such as which muscles were tight, the concept of releasing and where to do it for what, what correct posture feels like, and how to identify where/when the problem reoccurs after releasing and be aware when it tenses up. Your sessions also helped me be more aware of how my lung capacity and breathing was limiting my capacity. 


 I liked your services very much and could not stop recommending everyone to come to see you. I feel like it opened doors in my mind of things I was never aware of and instead of just doing weight training and hurt myself more I learned how to focus more into more 3D type workouts. 


I did not find a thorough full review of myself anywhere I went. No one asked me from day one to remove my shirt and walk and assessed my body/posture/movement. Nobody knew how to pinpoint my problems and how to fix them perfectly when I tell them my complaint. But with you, you found more problems than I even knew because Mashalla you were quite observant. 


I wish you the very best bro. 

I may have lost touch with you but my prayers to you continue Inshalla always! “

 Ahmed A.


“I came to dr Mohamed with Low back pain. I used to visit a physiotherapist regularly until I started exercising with him. What helped me is a lot more than what I could say. His excellent plans and direct clear goals to strengthen my weak muscles. What I liked about MedFit is that Dr Mohamed shares his knowledge and creates the best exercise atmosphere. He knows about us and our mood from the way we walk! Literally! 

Alawia K.



“My initial problem was not being able to train properly at the gym with a guide that I trusted. That made me unable to be consistent. With Medfit, I was able to utilize my gym membership by implementing the program Dr Mohamed gave me. I was able to follow the alternative schedule by simply opening my phone. It's great and easy! Dr. Mohamed Tracks my progress wherever I was and wherever he was. Communicating with him is easy. 

Haya M.


“First of all. I tried every possible way, diet and training regime to lose weight but with no luck. Tried everything for 3 months but unfortunately, the results were disappointing; not even half a kilogram. Then I found you. You helped me not only lose weight but also shape my body to the way I want. My aim was just to lose my pregnancy weight, But now I can't stop living and looking healthy! I just came from a trip to Europe. During my travel, I had a great insight into what to eat and what not to eat in order to stay in shape. All thanks to you.

Keep up the good work! “

Shahd A.



My goal was weight loss first and foremost, but I also wanted to improve my overall level of fitness. His programs and support helped me tremendously with both losing weight and increasing my level of fitness. I have lost a significant amount of weight, and I have also become much more fit than I used to be in terms of strength and endurance. I feel it has also inspired me to set even more goals and to keep challenging and pushing myself. 100% would recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness in any way. I have come a long way since joining your programs and I love that my knowledge, as well as my health, have both increased. I know way more than I used to about nutrition and what my body needs to become stronger and leaner. What I loved about the programs is that they were customized and given with careful attention and consideration for my own individual goals, in terms of fitness and overall wellbeing. I wasn’t just given a meal plan or a workout plan that is general to anyone trying to lose weight, and never hear from the trainer again. He checks my progress regularly and asks us to fill in forms to monitor us even better. This aspect helped me stay motivated to keep going.  And I actually saw results that I know are gonna be long-lasting.

Eythar A.