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Medfit Online Coaching (1 Month)

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Are you here because: 
  • You are not happy about how you look?
  • You do not have energy and feeling tired all day?
  • You are not Happy about your Health?
  • Maybe all of the points mentioned above?

Register with us in this package to:


  • To get your customized nutrition and your personal exercise plan
  • Weekly tracking and follow-ups, to guide you step by step 
  • Weekly interactions with us, whenever needed. 
  • get a Myzone Belt (MZ-3) at a discount price. 


Our mission in Medfit is science-based techniques and plans to help you. Our Central Philosophy is, we CARE about YOU. We are more than “a One time Plan fits all” we take care of the details that make you special and different. 


before you register with us, I want to be honest with you about a couple of things; so that neither your nor our time and resources are wasted. We put in a lot of time and effort into each client and take care of a lot of details. And believe me, we do not ask for unreasonable tasks. 


Having said that, we are only able to work with people that are highly motivated to change and willing to work with us. We want to help you make your experience and money worth it. Based on our experience, just like with anything else in life, the clients that are committed, are the ones that make the best out of our programs.  


So before signing with us, please make sure that you do fit in the following criteria:


1- You are not looking for the ONE plan: we do not give one-time plans. We do not believe in short term goals. We aim to build a long term relationship so we ensure that you are getting the best results, that last! 


2- You are willing to commit at least 3 Months with our programs: We do not ask for unreasonable tasks, we will make everything FIT in your schedule and lifestyle.



3- You are not looking for medical advice: If you are looking for medical advice, please email: to guide you. Do not sign into any of the programs before consulting with Dr. Mohamed. 


4- You are not searching for a quick short term result: Let’s be honest here, there are others that have already sold you that but they did not work. We know why they did not work, that’s why we do not provide them. 


5- You are committed to our MEDFIT service: We believe in teamwork, and you are a key player in this team. This program is made for YOU. To monitor you closely, we will schedule your forms and progress sheets that are required to be filled by you. And you should be engaged with us in the process.  This program is not made to spoon feed or passively give you the results. We promise that you will make the best of our programs when we work together as a team.